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The 12th World
By Jonathan Smeby

Jonny Comics' main star, Mulder, has a new game
being made. And it's not '
Mulder Takes on the World',
a game I was once working on. Instead he will be starr-
ing in a new adventure game called 'The 12th World'.

The graphics in TTW are very detailed 2D where
everything is carefully drawn with antialiasing.
This adventure game is very different than the ones
I've made in the past, like 'The World May
Never Know trilogy'. Now everything is platform
style, making it so you can jump around and stuff.

With TTW, I'm trying to make a game where you
don't need to fight big monsters or hordes of evil
like in most games. Instead you'll be searching for
the broken pieces of a special key throughout a
huge and strange world.

During you're adventure you'll meet all sorts
of weird characters that you can interact with.
You'll need all the help you can get as you
search all over the world solving tons of puzzles.

So far everything has been going really smooth
in the making of TTW. For now, enjoy the sreenshots!

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