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The Cast of Jon and Eddy
2002 Jonny Comics, Inc.


Name: Jon Keeble
Age: 17.5
Occupation: None
Likes: Smashing things
Dislikes: Country music

Jon is the programmer in the
company he and Eddy own.
He's relatively nice, but can
loose his head at times.


Name: Eddy Valentine
Age: 17
Occupation: Food Mart employee
Likes: Fire
Dislikes: Reality TV

Eddy is the artist in the company
he and Jon own. He rarely gets
into trouble and it is usually be-
cause of Jon. Though Eddy's a nice
guy, subconsciously, he's a pyromaniac.


Name: Frizno Denmark
Age: 16
Occupation: None
Likes: To disgust people
Dislikes: Farm animals

Frizno is an old friend (enemy
actually) of Jon and a new
friend to Eddy. She shows up
every once in a while.




Name: Kevin Valentine
Age: 9
Occupation: Lil' Boy
Likes: Eatting candy
Dislikes: Going to bed early

Kevin is Eddy's little brother.
He's like a tiny version of Eddy.




Name: Ryan
Age: 21
Occupation: Crime fighter
Likes: Blowing stuff up
Dislikes: Criminal scum

Ryan is sort of the city's super
hero, only no one really knows
who he is. Ryan actually went
to Jon and Eddy's high school
when they were freshmen.

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