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The battle between
Good and Evil returns

Created by Jonathan Smeby

The heroic little orange man we know as 'Good Guy' is back again!
He arrives in his third (and most likely final) game from Jonny Comics, Inc.
GvsE3 is possibly Jonny Comics' best game to date for it's challenging
gameplay, detailed graphics and amazing 3D cut-scenes.

The Setup

In GvsE3, you play as Buddy McKracken, the best secret agent around.
His worst enemy, Dr. Ampere (Evil Guy in GvsE2), has another plan of
pure evil. He's holding a weapon of mass destruction, a massive laser
device, which he plans to use tonight at 9:00 to blow up the moon.
The problem is, he's hidden away deep in a fortress full of dangers.
You must make your way through the huge castle
and stop him before it's too late.

The story is told through 3D cutscenes like this one

Each are full of high quality graphics

How it works

In most of the levels, you must find a way through some
part of the castle. Every where from the courtyard to the secret lab

of Dr. Ampere. You'll fight many enemies like robot henchmen and
flying fish. Not to mention lots of bosses, both big and small.

As the game progresses, levels and bosses get harder

Here Buddy takes on a gaint Langolier in the lab

Buddy can run, jump, climb, duck and throw weapons
of many kinds. You start with an infinite supply of spark
seeds and pick up other things like blades and electric
bolts. Each does something different and some are more
powerful. At the end of each level, you get a chance to buy
more weapons or extra men with the credits you collect.

Walking off the sides of the screen will take you
to the other side. Use this on certain levels to
reach some areas you can't reach.

A little extra

There are a few extra things to do in GvsE3 besides just
saving the world. You can buy CDs after most levels with
the credits you've collected and listen to them in the CD
vault option. Also, beating the game a certain way can give
you cheats like infinite health in the cheat list. There's even
an extra ending when you beat the game more than once!

Don't stop Dr. Ampere in time and he'll blow up the moon, or worse!

All in all, GvsE3 is a terrific game that you'll be sure to like.
Download the full version now and see for yourself!



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